Garg Industries is one of the largest trading in India for granite, tiles, free length & cut to size granite & stone product.

We provide all kind of service for kitchen counter, table top, stair case, flooring, cladding for homes, commercial building hotels and any apartment projects.

Garg Industries would like to provide you our product & services directly from its factories. As a result of its marketing, Garg Industries customers are able to receive better value and more attractive service and products. As a professional stone manufacturer, we best supply best store to establish long term business relationship with our customers and satisfy our customers with 24/7 service. We are dedicated to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction earning us a state wide reputation for expertise and leadership in granite and installations. Garg Industries is the India best provider for all natural stone, granite, tiles, marbles, cobbles, limestone, slatestone etc.

Our wide and cost effective product includes